Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have a Website? AVG Antivirus May Be Blocking Adsense Ads

Hi - Since many of you who come to MapCruzin.com have websites that depend on adsense revenue I thought I should pass this along

The other day I upgraded my AVG Antivirus program to the latest 2011 version. Today I was looking at my website, MapCruzin.com, and to my dismay my adsense ads were not appearing. This was very serious as my income from ads on the website allows me to continue to add valuable content to the website.

My other website, RecyclingSecrets.com does not currently have adsense ads but I added a few to test it and they didn't show up either.

Fortunately I had only upgraded 2 of my computers. The third still had the older version of AVG Antivirus so I checked it. To my surprise my ads and ads on other websites were appearing just fine.

I went back to my original computer and checked other websites that I knew had adsense ads and they weren't appearing there either.

So, I looked through AVG 2011 to see if I can find the trouble. After a lot of time testing I finally discovered that turning off the AVG link scan solved the problem.

My big worry is that this is a new release of AVG and as people upgrade most will have the link scan enabled meaning that lots of webmasters like me will lose needed revenue until this is fixed.

So... check your websites and if you have the same problem I encourage you to contact Google Adsense and AVG Antivirus and encourage them to fix this quickly.


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