Saturday, July 17, 2010

Interactive Maps to Visualize the More Than 10 Million Americans Who Moved from One County to Another

Wonderful resource for determining migration in and out of U.S. counties - includes per capita income. This is a map created by clicking on Denver County, Colorado.

Black lines indicate movment into county and red indicate movement out of county.

The second maps shows number and income of people that moved between Denver county and Marin county.

Interact with the county migration maps

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GIS Master's Certificates Degrees - Online Resources

Online GIS (Geographic Information System) Education Resources - Distance Learning for Bachelors, Masters, Certificates.

Find distance learning opportunities for online GIS degree programs including bachelor's and master's degrees and certificates. If you are new to GIS, click here for a brief introduction. You may also be interesed in this Free GIS Tutorial and Atlas. Both are excellent ways to learn more about Geographic Information Systems before you invest in an online GIS degree or certificate program.

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