Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spy Satellite Photos: Obama Reveals Secret Evidence of Global Warming Bush Tried to Hide

Graphic images that reveal the devastating impact of global warming in the Arctic have been released by the US military. The photographs, taken by spy satellites over the past decade, confirm that in recent years vast areas in high latitudes have lost their ice cover in summer months.

The pictures, kept secret by Washington during the presidency of George W Bush, were declassified by the White House last week. President Barack Obama is currently trying to galvanize Congress and the American public to take action to halt catastrophic climate change [1] caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

One particularly striking set of images - selected from the 1,000 photographs released - includes views of the Alaskan port of Barrow. One, taken in July 2006, shows sea ice still nestling close to the shore. A second image shows that by the following July the coastal waters were entirely ice-free.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Our climate change maps, news, resource, etc. have been online in various forms since 2004. Most recently our domain, was redirected to a directory on The unfortunate result of this was that, over time, many of the links to climate change, global warming and climate shift news, maps, data, research, impacts, renewal, war & security, skeptics, energy, resources, extreme weather, injustice, videos, and Google Earth & Maps mashups became buried. So, we decided that it was time stood on its own.

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