Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where are the Free Maps and Other Stuff?

Here's a little clarification about how to find the Free Maps and other Free GIS and Mapping Resources at MapCruzin.com.

I am writing this because recently, I received the following email from a subscriber to feeds from the MapCruzin Blog, mapcruzin.blogspot.com.

Hi map cruzin
why are you talking about downloading free maps and i cant find the maps? which free maps and your portal keeps taking me round and round to the same starting point. where are the maps? just tell us the truth. if the maps are free, then give then to me. if they are for sale then let me know the truth. dont keep on playing about with my brain. i need to know the truth or else i wont need any updates from you.

At first I couldn't quite figure out why this person couldn't find the free Syria maps that I was posting about. Then, I think, I figured it out. Bear with me if this is not a problem for you.

On our blog each title is linked to the respective blog page. This makes sense if you go directly to the blog because when you do so you will view a list of blog posts and clicking on the title brings you to the correct blog page. But, what this person may have missed is that within the text of the blog, there are links to the free maps download page at MapCruzin.com.

So, to correct this, I'll be sure to say "click here" and also spell out the url so folks see it as a link.

Second problem may be that perhaps not all people get their MapCruzin feed updates in html format. If they don't then the links just don't work at all. In this case I'll also spell out the url address so if need be folks can copy and paste the url into their browser and find the pages that way.

Also, please note that though 99% of the resource, including maps, GIS software, and GIS shapefiles, are free, there are a few GIS shapefiles that I've developed that are for sale.

Lastly, you can find links to the free maps and other resources at MapCruzin.com on the right side of each blog page and each page at MapCruzin.com has a menu near the top indicating all the different free things.

MapCruzin.com has been online since 1996. Over the ensuing 15+ years I have added many thousands of pages, maps, shapefiles, GIS software, tutorials and other resources. It might take a bit to hunt around (I'm always trying to find ways to organize it all better) but, in many cases, you'll find what you are looking for.

Here are some pertinent URLS:

Free Maps: www.mapcruzin.com/download-free-maps.htm

Free GIS Software: www.mapcruzin.com/free-gis-software-tools.htm

Free GIS Shapefiles: www.mapcruzin.com/download-free-arcgis-shapefiles.htm

Free TOPO Maps: www.mapcruzin.com/free-download-topo-maps.htm

Free Aerial/Satellite/Remote Sensing Images: www.mapcruzin.com/satellite-aerial-photos-maps/

Free GIS Tutorial: www.mapcruzin.com/free-learn-to-map-gis-tutorial-and-shapefile-atlas.htm

Free GPS Resources: www.mapcruzin.com/free-gps-maps-software/

Check this URL for the few GIS shapefiles for sale. Note that at this time ALL maps at MapCruzin.com are free.

GIS shapefiles for sale: www.mapcruzin.com/do-it-yourself-gis-maps-shapefiles/

MapCruzin Blog: mapcruzin.blogspot.com/

Hope this helps.

Mike Meuser

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