Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD) 2009 ArcGIS Shapefiles

National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD) 2009 ArcGIS Shapefiles include Public-Use Airports, Alternative Fuels Stations, Amtrak Stations, Automatic Traffic Recorder Stations, Highway-Rail Grade Crossings, Intermodal Terminal Facilities, National Bridge Inventory, National Populated Places, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ports, Weigh in Motion Stations, Freight Analysis Network, Hazardous Material Routes, Highway Performance Monitoring System, National Highway Planning Network, Railway Network, Fixed-Guideway Transit Facilities, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Navigable Waterway Network, Bureau of the Census Urbanized Area Boundaries, The 111th Congressional Districts Boundaries, U.S. County Boundaries, Hydrographic Features, U.S. Military Installations, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Core Based Statistical Areas, Non Attainment Areas, carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter 10, particulate matter 2.5, sulfur oxides, National Park System Boundary Dataset, U.S. State Boundaries.

Download the National Transportation Atlas Shapefiles

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U.S. Transportation Shapefiles Free Downloads

I've added U.S. transportation shapefiles to the North American set. New shapefiles include states, airports, ports, intermodal, auto ramps, highways and railroads.

Download U.S. Transortation Shapefiles

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News, Hard-to-Find Documents Archived on

Over the last 13 years online, has collected thousands of news articles and documents. Many of these are difficult and, in some cases, impossible to find online. We are searching our pages and archives to create an all-in-one page on our website.

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