Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learn2Map Free GIS Tutorial and Shapefile Atlas - Learn GIS Online

New to GIS?

Are you new to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and mapping? Would you like to learn what it is all about and learn how to create your own maps? Would you like to begin a new professional career? Our online Learn2Map™ Tutorial and Atlas is designed to give you a quick-start introduction to the basics of GIS. For a brief introduction to GIS, what it is, and how it is used, click here and then return to this page to learn more about how you will benefit from using this tutorial.

In just a few minutes you can begin to learn how to create sophisticated maps. The easy-to-follow step-by-step distance learning online tutorial is based on free resources. There is nothing to purchase. All you need to begin mapping today is the Learn2Map™ Tutorial and Atlas.

Why Learn GIS?

Most of us use maps frequently. We usually use them to figure out how to get from here to there. Without simple street maps this relatively easy task would be much more difficult. We would have to read instructions, line-by-line, and sort of imagine the geography described in the instructions and superimpose that with what we see as we progress to our destination. We have probably all done this. Maps make this task so much easier. But maps are more than a navigational aid. They can show us relationships that we could never see by pouring through pages of data. Maps can provide answers to questions not found elsewhere and make you ask questions you never would have thought to ask. Maps bring raw and often boring data to life.

There are applications for maps and a need for mapmakers in nearly all fields. Some common uses for maps and GIS are to target sales and marketing areas; redraw congressional districts; find the best route between point a and point b; determine the race, ethnicity and income of folks living certain distances from a facility that pollutes the air; locate clusters of families with certain diseases. Others include environmental planning, traffic analysis and much more.

Access the free Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Shapefile Atlas now.