Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashmap Interactive Flash Based Webmap - Electricity Use by Country

I'm just totally amazed by the power and ease of use of StatPlanet. I've created my first one using UN electricity use data by country. Future plans include creating more flash based webmaps using shapefiles and tabular data.

MapCruzin Flash Based Interactive Webmap Project

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Easy Free Interactive GIS Website Maps: Use Spreadsheet Data and Shapefiles

Amazing free software! Every once in awhile a truly great free GIS product shows up and Statplanet is the best I've seen for making flash-based interactive maps and graphs for websites.

Here's a little blurb from their website:

What is StatPlanet

StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application. Use it to easily and rapidly create basic interactive Flash maps as well as feature-rich infographics.

Here for more information and to download StatPlanet