Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free GIS, Tools & Resources Clearinghouse

This is an invitation to you to post your GIS tools, maps and resource needs and wants. Have a question about GIS, maps or data? Ask it here. I'll try to answer and, hopefully, other readers will help as well. Also, if you know of any resources that are valuable, but are not yet listed on either the Free GIS Tools & Resources or the Free GIS Maps & Shapefiles or any MapCruzin page, post it here and I will add them.

Climate Change Blog added

Hello - I've finally been able to begin posting to the Climate Shift Blog. There you will find information about new content that has been added to Thanks!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our first google earth map

I've added quite a bit to the Google Earth & Maps Tools and Resources including my first Google Earth KMZ application of California Watersheds. Metadata and GIS shapefile download is also available. Now that I have it figured out, I look forward to adding many more maps to Google Earth and Google Maps as well.