Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian and Federal Lands ArcGIS Shapefiles Updated

Indian & Federal Lands
ArcGIS Shapefiles

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Coverage: All U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska.

I have updated the shapefiles to include a .prj file. The latest version of ArcGIS Explorer (build 1500) requires these files. Some other GIS viewers and programs do not. ArcGIS Explorer is a fine program, but I've found that it needs a quite fast computer with a lot of memory to run well. You can download ArcGIS Explorer here or you can check out some free GIS viewers that are simpler and take less resources. You can use any of these to load, view and query the maps you make with these shapefiles.

TatukGIS Viewer 19.3 mb
TatukGIS Viewer documentation 2.2 mb
ArcExplorer 2.2 13.5 mb
ArcExplorer Java 63.6 mb

These ArcGIS shapefiles work with the free ArcExplorer GIS viewer, ArcView GIS, ArcGIS, Maptitude, Mapinfo, Manifold, TatukGIS and many other commercial GIS and mapping programs and many free GIS programs as well. Each layer includes easy to follow instructions that show you how to add streets, highways, census information and much more to your maps for free. We have included national level base maps with each map archive listed below. Also, check our free GIS software and free GIS ArcGIS shapefiles pages for more information and free ArcGIS shapefiles.

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