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Free Open Source and Freeware GIS Software, Page 6 of 9 - MapServer, NCAR, MapWindow ... more

Comprehensive collection of GIS software program applications and resources that is updated frequently. Most are either freeware or open-source. They are organized in alphabetical order.

InteProxy Security for Spatial Data - InteProxy is a tool that adds secure transmission via SSL a well as user authentication to those OWS-based applications that that do not support these security features.

JCS Conflation Suite (JCS) is an API and set of interactive tools which perform conflation on spatial datasets.

JEEPS Library is intended as both a library and a development system for GPS and related software. It consists of documented C functions for communication with GARMIN GPS devices and for post-processing of the information received.

JUMP Unified Mapping Platform (JUMP) is a GUI-based application for viewing and processing spatial data. It includes many common spatial and GIS functions. It is also designed to be a highly extensible framework for developing and running custom spatial data processing applications.

ka-Map ("ka" as in ka-boom!) is an open source project that is aimed at providing a javascript API for developing highly interactive web-mapping interfaces using features available in modern web browsers.

KFlog is a soaring-pilot-software for KDE. It is used to display, analyze and evaluate flights logged with a gps-logger. Different values of a flight-point can be displayed in the map, like altitude, cycling, speed and vario. There is a maproom-page where you can download Aeronautical, Ground- and terrain- and additional data for maps.

Mapbender is the software and portal site for geodata management of OGC OWS architectures. The software provides web technology for managing spatial data services implemented in PHP, JavaScript and XML.

MapEdit, a low cost solution (free to educational and non-profit organizations) for making image maps come alive. Simple image maps and html still outshine many mapservers.

MapGuide Open Source is a web-based platform that enables users to quickly develop and deploy web mapping applications and geospatial web services. MapGuide features an interactive viewer that includes support for feature selection, property inspection, map tips, and operations such as buffer, select within, and measure.

MapIt! is a serverside web-application for rastermaps. Navigation and points of interests are easily configured.

MapServer is an open source development environment for building spatially-enabled web mapping applications and services. It is fast, flexible, reliable and can be integratated into just about any GIS environment.

MapServer Workbench is a set of cooperative tools for development of MapServer web mapping applications. The tools are written in Tcl/Tk, and use the Mapscript/Tcl interface.

Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible. Developers can code their applications once, and then easily switch mapping provider based on project needs, terms and conditions, and new functionality.

MapWindow - Uses most standard GIS data formats including shapefiles (.shp) and ASCII grid files (.asc). Data in these formats can be downloaded from many Internet sites including GIS Data Depot, USEPA, USGS and many others. MapWindow can also handle georeferenced GIF, and BMP image files. Page 6 of 9.

NCAR Graphics Software is comprised of a library containing Fortran/C utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, annotations, an ANSI/ISO standard version of GKS, a math library containing a collection of 1,2,3-D interpolators and approximators, applications for displaying, editing, and manipulating graphical output, map databases, many FORTRAN and C examples.

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