Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free International ArcGIS Shapefiles & Adobe Illustrator Maps Updated - Download Now

Cloudmade has recently updated their international shapefiles. These are derived from the Openstreetmap project. Each country set contains seperate shapefiles for the following:

  • highways (roads, footpaths)
  • natural, (park and forest area polygons
  • points of interest (amenity and tourist attraction points)
  • administrative boundaries
  • coastlines
  • water bodies.
Cloudmade also provides free:
  • OSM XML extracts by country
  • Garmin Map Files (OSM.err edition)
  • Osmosis country bounding polygon
  • Navit maps by country
  • GPX POI by country
  • TomTom POI by country
  • OSM XML feature extracts by country
  • Adobe Illustrator format country maps
Download Free Cloudmade OpenStreetmap GIS Shapefile Map Layers of the World by Country. Mike Meuser GIS Project Development, Data Research and Custom Shapefile Creation Free GIS Software, Shapefiles, Maps and Tutorials Free GPS, Aerial, TOPO Maps and News If you have data, GIS project or custom shapefile needs send me an email Premium Shapefiles: ZipCode, Indian & Federal Lands, School Districts, Tornadoes, Dams, Climate Change & Global Warming

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