Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Global Aerosol from Earth Observation (GlobAerosol) Geodata Maps

The GlobAEROSOL generates daily global aerosol maps for the period 1995-2007 by merging ATSR-2, AATSR, MERIS and SEVIRI satellite data. The products produced are aerosol optical depths at 0.55 and 0.87um and Angstrom coefficient and estimated speciation.

This dataset comprises the following product types:

ATSR-2 Orbit-based Pixel Counts. These are supplementary files generated for ATSR-2 alone, which contain the number of instrument pixels from each channel which were included in each retrieval grid cell. Individual-sensor Orbit-based Aerosol Products (IOAP). These files contain all the output of the individual sensor retrievals, with coverage corresponding to that of the original level 1 (radiance) data from the sensor.

Individual-sensor Global Aerosol Products (IGAP). These constitute bias-corrected daily maps of aerosol properties derived from each sensor, at a specific time of day. For ORAC retrievals results are only reported for the "best" aerosol type (and this type is identified). In all cases the IGAPs contain estimates of aerosol optical depth (AOD) at 550 nm and 865 nm and the Angstrom coefficient...

Full article and access the Global Aerosol Geodata

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