Monday, July 19, 2010

Create Free Interactive Maps for Websites, Presentations, Reports, to Share

Maps are one of the world's oldest formats of communication. They help you connect with others, understand the world, describe routes, countries, cultures, experiences and a whole range of topics. Today, maps are everywhere � but in what format? In digital format they often exist as images with a low resolution or as default maps without any option to edit and personalize them. We thought that's not appropriate for the digital, modern world.

StepMap Free Interactive Maps

StepMap enables you to create personal, interactive and individual maps for topics of your choice. You can add various pieces of information such as images, videos, descriptions, audio files and more to any location on the map. Routes can be added, areas marked and icons placed.

Travelers, teachers, tourist agencies, roleplayers, students and journalists - they all use maps in their daily work and life. It could be for describing your latest holiday route, a news story or simply to visualize information that's interesting to you and your friends or colleagues.

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