Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Climate Change Impacts in the United States Charts, Maps and Graphs

The disasterous BP gulf oil spill helps bring the effects of our carbon based energy generation into focus. Our carbon-based energy consumption not only has immediate effects like oil spills, surface and air pollution, but also long-term effects like global warming and climate change.

At we are working on sets of climate change and global warming GIS shapefiles. The data points are spaced approximately 4.5 km (2.8 miles) apart and are based on the IPCC 4th Assessment A2 Scenario. In the future we will be creating more shapefiles based on other IPCC scenarios.

The IPCC A2 scenario based GIS shapefiles will be available this week at In the meantime, check out the following related charts:

Climate Change Impacts in the United States Maps, Charts, Tables, Chapter 4: Energy Supply and Use

High Resolution images from the 2009 Climate Change Impacts in the United States, Chapter 4, Energy Supply and Use.

Note that these JPG images may be larger than they appear in your browser. While viewing the images, you may save them to your computer to view them in their full high resolution format.

Image 1 - EPA Chart showing that 87% of greenhouse gas emissions is the result of energy production and use.

Image 2 - Pie Chart showing coal, nuclear and natural gas accounting for 90% of U.S. energy production.

Image 3 - Graph showing how U.S. energy use is dominated by oil and other fossil fuels.

Image 4 - Bar chart showing cooling and heating degree days based on various scenarios.

Image 5 - Map of U.S. showing population change and increasing population in regions that require air conditioning.

Image 6 - Bar chart showing number of incidents caused by extreme weather has increased tenfold since 1992.

Download Climate Change Impacts in the United States Charts, Maps and Graphs

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