Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Free GIS: FGS Linux, DraconesPH, SatScan, Fusion, ka-Map, MapFish

More new Free and Open Source GIS Software and Tools

The FGS Linux Installer is a self-extracting file that will install MapServer with PHP/MapScript and all of their dependencies on your Linux system. It provides a stand-alone environment with all the required software (incl. Apache and PHP) to run PHP/MapScript webmapping applications.

DraconesPH is a public health surveillance application. It is an example of a complete application that can be built using the Dracones framework components. The development of the initial version was funded in part by GeoConnections, and is currently running at the Direction de sante publique de Montreal (Montreal Public Health), where it serves as an add-on for the visual exploration and analysis of their massive, non-spatially enabled datasets.

SaTScan is a free software that analyzes spatial, temporal and space-time data using the spatial, temporal, or space-time scan statistics. It is designed for any of the following interrelated purposes ...

Fusion is a web-mapping application development framework for MapGuide OS and MapServer built primarily in JavaScript.

ka-Map ("ka" as in ka-boom!) is an open source project that is aimed at providing a javascript API for developing highly interactive web-mapping interfaces using features available in modern web browsers.

MapFish is a flexible and complete framework for building rich web-mapping applications. It emphasizes high productivity, and high-quality development.

I Hope that these prove useful to you. If you are new to GIS, check out the Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Atlas. We have more free GIS software available and there is plenty of free data and shapefiles that will work with these programs. More to come!


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