Saturday, March 27, 2010

GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) Software for Windows, Xwindows and Macintosh OS-X

National Geophysical Data Center's GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) data management system can be run in Microsoft Windows, UNIX Xwindows and Macintosh OS-X environments. GEODAS software accesses all GEODAS Databases, including Marine Trackline Geophysics, NOS Hydrographic Surveys, Coastal Relief Model, ETOPO2 Gridded Elevations and Great Lakes Bathymetry DVD sets.

MS Windows

MS Windows users will find GEODAS access software on all the GEODAS DVD sets as well as data downloaded from GEODAS On-line datbases. Click to obtain or update the GEODAS Software for On-line Downloads Ver 5.0.13 or the latest GEODAS 5.0 DVD Software Version 5.0.13. See readme.txt for install instructions.

You can download stand-alone (MS Windows) programs from the GEODAS suite. At this time these include GEODAS Coastline Extractor and GEODAS ReFormat.

A version of National Ocean Service's NADCON software, which transfers back and forth from NAD27/Old to NAD83 Horizontal Datums is also available. This program will work with the GEODAS ASCII HYD93 and Binary HYD93 Formats.

UNIX Xwindows

UNIX Xwindows users will find a version of the Xwindows GEODAS Software which covers GEODAS CD/DVD sets and/or GEODAS On-line Data Downloads in one installation, The XWindows software uses the Tcl/Tk User Interface. Users will need to have Tcl/Tk installed (most Xwindows systems already have it). Pre-built binaries for 32 bit Linux systems are included. All other system will need to build from source. If your system can run MS Windows, it is suggested that you use the MS Windows version of GEODAS (above). Download the latest GEODAS XWindows Software Version 5.0 for On-line Downloads and/or for Version 5.0 DVD sets. See readme.txt for install instructions.

Macintosh OS-X

Macintosh users with OS-X can run the GEODAS User Access Software for DVDs and for On-line downloaded data. Download the GEODAS for Macintosh OS-X Version 5.0.07 Software. (These binaries will not work with Intel processor machines. You will have to build from the included source.) If your system can run MS Windows, it is suggested that you use the MS Windows version of GEODAS (above). See readme.txt for install instructions.
GEODAS Coastlines

Learn More & Download GEODAS.

I Hope this proves to be useful for you. If you are new to GIS, check out the Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Atlas. We have more free GIS software available and there is plenty of free data and shapefiles that will work with these programs. More to come!

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