Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All in One Guide to Energy Maps and Shapefiles on Mapcruzin.com

Here is our collection of energy related maps and GIS shapefiles. Check back often as we update this page frequently.

Free Maps

United States Coalbed Methane Maps.

Oil and Gas Related Maps

Residential Energy Consumption Maps by U.S. Census Divisions.

World Energy Maps by county.

Renewable Energy Atlas of the West: A Guide to the Region's Resource Potential.

U.S. Regional Oil and Gas Field Maps.

Renewable Energy Potential Maps by U.S. Census Divisions.

Free Shapefiles

Renewable Energy ArcGIS Shapefiles by U.S. State

International Renewable Energy Wind Potential Shapefiles by country.

Create Your Own Maps with Free Shapefiles and GIS

If you are new to GIS and wish to create your own maps using shapefiles, there are plenty of free resources that you can use. We provide a free Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Shapefile Atlas. We also provides listings of many free GIS software programs and other free shapefiles including the U.S. Census Tiger/Line 2009 ArcGIS Shapefiles for creating base layers like roads, highways, political districts, rivers, etc.

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